Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Zinio, The Eco Newsstand

Ever since I've have iPad on hand, I have stop buying magazines in hardcopy. Reading is more fun with Zinio, the newsstand app. With the interactive features, magazines become more alive. For example, the photos from NatGeo are unbelievable amazing. It's like watching HDTV. And the interactive features are just awesome.

For a start, I 'bought' the free subscriptions from WebMD and BabyTalk. From time to time, I've added other mags such as NatGeo Interactive, Rolling Stones, Aquila Asia, Harper Bazaar, Marie Claire and Good Housekeeping. Sadly, my favourite mag Women's Weekly is not available on the newsstand yet. Apart from Zinio, I also installed Time app for Time magazine and also Ikea app for Ikea Catalogue.. heheh..

Some people said they still prefer the real thing. They want the flipping action. They want to 'belek-belek' the magazine and widen their eyes for particular details. Some also complaints that reading on iPad is too bright for their eyes. But I in the other hand feels reading on iPad is much easier. You can always read your fav mags wherever you are by just bringing that thin pad. There's no need to pop your eyeballs because you can always zoom out the pages. You can even bookmark your favourite article or page. And I have no problem with the brightness because I'm using the matte screen protector. Besides, the brightness can be adjusted in the iPad settings.

Best of all, I love the fact that I don't have to keep piles of mags anymore. No clutter, no need to recycle, no wastage and more trees are saved!! *treehugs*

On the bed with Steve Jobs

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Keep that receipts!!

What do you do with your shopping receipts??

My Carrefour Shopping Receipts

Flip it around, jot down your shopping list, tuck it in your pocket jeans and you are ready to go!!

So, keep 'em!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

3 Things Recycled

I don't throw away our Wyeth milk scoops. Of course you need to recycle it because it is made of plastic. But instead of putting in the recycle bin, I send them to Wyeth's office to collect points and later redeem the goodies. Keeping the scoops untill my kitchen drawer is full is no big deal, but to post the scoops is a 'Yes'. As I have forsee the difficulties, I decided to keep my empty tissue boxes and told my office clerk not to throw away the A4 stack wrapper. Here's what I did;

Tissue paper box
Stuffed with milk scoops
A4 stack wrapper
Use is to wrap the box
Ready for courrier ;-)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Greening My Crib

For those who knows me well, I have another blog to share my personal life, thoughts and journey with other people (who evers reading it, merci beaucoup). While this blog is dedicated to express my green thoughts and living a green life as far as I can. As mentioned in my other blog,  I have moved to Kuantan about a month ago. Kerteh is now just a memory for me.

Shifting to a new house is quite exciting. Inspired by watching Discovery Channel's World's Greenest Home, I am in green spirit to make my house GREEN. Back in Kerteh, I managed to sort and recycle most of my garbage. I never had the oportunity to Re-use my garbage to do composting or cleaning enzyme. It's due to biogical hazard. You see, I was in the 'Planet of the Apes' when living in Rantau Bukit, Kerteh. A small jungle lies behind our house and guess who's the king? The Macaques of course. I am an animal lover, but when push comes to shove you have no choice but to shout 'Kill Em All'. These mischieves macaques always sneaking by the window hunting for edible food (ohh.. pandai memilih tauuu), rummaging the tong sampah and worst, scares you!! The idea of doing composting back then is just a dream. I had enough of that and am so relieved that I have shifted to Bukit Istana, Kuantan. Ohh, this bukit has no monkeys but something else :-p

Ok, back to my attempt of greening my home. Since monkey is not a threat anymore, I'm planning to make a compost from my kitchen wastes. I need to buy a composting bin and must educate my bibik in separating the wastes that can be compost such as tea bags, potato & onion peelings, egg shells, etc.. That compost bin can be placed outside my house, safe and sound :-p

Next green project I'm thinking of is rainwater harvesting. I made a mistake when installing the rain gutter for the house. I forgot to make a collection point. Current design, the gutter leads to the storm water drain. I need to cut the gutter and buy a rain barrel for water collection. I'm not sure where can I get a rain barrel in Kuantan :-( If not, I have to DIY.

Rain barrel
Rain barrel design
Another project that I have in mind is to install solar panel. But this involves a lot of money because solar panel is not common in Malaysia. Thus, the installation cost is still expensive. Individual installation is hardly heard. Usually, it is installed in mass, like how SP Setia (housing developer) incorporated the solar panel into their green home project. If you have a house big as a mansion, then it wouldn't be any problem. But if you have medium cost semi-d house like mine, I think you need to think wisely. It is worth it? You can still do other things to save energy that involves less money but greater impact.

So, I guess I only have 2 projects (for the time being) to accomplish. Will tell you the updates from time to time. At least, I have something to blog about.. tee he he..

Friday, May 21, 2010

Rock. Reuse. Recycle

Got this when cool cup at Hard Rock Hotel Penang. I ordered HRC Kids Meal for my son which comes with this funky recyclable cup. It's really a cool way to nurture kids on 3R concept :-)

Save the planet with Hard Rock Cafe!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We Need You

Message from a green friend:

We will be organizing an environmental green event in conjunction with "World Environmental Day" on the 11th & 12th June 2010 at Teluk Batik beach in Lumut, Perak with the assistance of the Majlis Perbandaran Manjung. The event is open to the general public who would like to volunteer themselves to care for the environment. Our objective is to educate and inspire more Malaysians of different classes, race, religion and political ideology to come together as one to care for the environment.

To register or for more details kindly visit the official website at : or call 010-9003831 Eric or 017-8711197 Raymund.

Check out the website ya.. Your green contribution is needed ;-)