Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Zinio, The Eco Newsstand

Ever since I've have iPad on hand, I have stop buying magazines in hardcopy. Reading is more fun with Zinio, the newsstand app. With the interactive features, magazines become more alive. For example, the photos from NatGeo are unbelievable amazing. It's like watching HDTV. And the interactive features are just awesome.

For a start, I 'bought' the free subscriptions from WebMD and BabyTalk. From time to time, I've added other mags such as NatGeo Interactive, Rolling Stones, Aquila Asia, Harper Bazaar, Marie Claire and Good Housekeeping. Sadly, my favourite mag Women's Weekly is not available on the newsstand yet. Apart from Zinio, I also installed Time app for Time magazine and also Ikea app for Ikea Catalogue.. heheh..

Some people said they still prefer the real thing. They want the flipping action. They want to 'belek-belek' the magazine and widen their eyes for particular details. Some also complaints that reading on iPad is too bright for their eyes. But I in the other hand feels reading on iPad is much easier. You can always read your fav mags wherever you are by just bringing that thin pad. There's no need to pop your eyeballs because you can always zoom out the pages. You can even bookmark your favourite article or page. And I have no problem with the brightness because I'm using the matte screen protector. Besides, the brightness can be adjusted in the iPad settings.

Best of all, I love the fact that I don't have to keep piles of mags anymore. No clutter, no need to recycle, no wastage and more trees are saved!! *treehugs*

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